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Collector type   Horizontal engineering heat collector Vertical engineering collector
Dimensions sqm 2.01 2.05
Absorber area sqm 1.87 1.91
Thickness mm 80 80
Width mm 1978 1018
Height mm 1018 2018
Weight Kg 38 37
Fluid capacity L 2.39 1.78
Working pressure Mpa 0.6 0.6
Heat endurance   178 178
Absorber material   Copper grid Copper grid
Flow volume   15-40 15-40
Largest series NO. Pcs 5 10
Recommended installation angle ¡£ 45 45
Header dimension mm Copper tube 22-25 Copper tube 22-25
Header number Pcs 4 4
Absorber material   0.7mm Aluminum 0.7mm Aluminum
Absorber coating   blue selective coting blue selective coating
Absorption/ Emission % 95/5 95/5
Casing frame   No nails aluminum alloy No nails aluminum alloy
Back plate   0.4mmAluminum plate 0.4mmAluminum plate
Insulation material   40mm density foiled glass wool 40mm density foiled glass wool
Glazing material   3.2mm Low iron tempered glass 3.2mm Low iron tempered glass

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1¡¢The above parameters for reference purposes only and does not correspond picture
2¡¢The above parameters and photographs is not entirely consistent with our each product and project, the model specifications, and other types subject to contract.


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